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Please provide the information requested in the boxes below. In the measurement section at the bottom of this page, please enter the dimensions in the boxes labeled 1 through 6. Please measure to the nearest 1/8" to ensure a proper fit for your new surround. You may submit this worksheet via the internet or print the worksheet and then fax to (281)931-1044. For questions please call 1-800-599-5463. Before requesting a quote please review our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.




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Hearth Needed:
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Hearth Elevation:
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Filler Panels Needed:
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Overmantel Needed:
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Floor Type:
cpix.gif (807 bytes)Finished Sub floor

Firebox Type:
cpix.gif (807 bytes) Masonry Pre-Fab

Further Measuring Instruction

The fireplace opening dimensions needed are the width and height of the area that will not be covered by stone.

For prefabricated fireboxes: The black flashing around the firebox can be covered with stone.

If the firebox has a glass front, it cannot be covered with stone. Also, enough space must be allowed
to remove the glass if necessary.

Some models have louvers for ventilation above and below the opening. These cannot be covered with stone.

Some models may have an access panel (usually below the firebox) which opens for access to a regulator for the gas. It cannot be covered with stone.

For masonry fireboxes: Make sure that all the brick is covered with stone. If necessary, we can extend the mantel an inch or two inside the firebox opening.


(1) Firebox Opening Width:
(2) Firebox Opening Height:
(3) Floor to Firebox:
(4) Left Distance to Nearest Obstruction:
(5) Right Distance To Nearest Obstruction:
(6) Firebox To Ceiling (only required if ordering overmantel):

Special Instructions: