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Anna style fireplace mantel shelf

Some of the simplest classic mantel designs consist only of shelves and corbels. The least expensive approach would be to install wood fireplace mantel shelves, but there are several advantages to stone mantel shelves: they look much better, they are more durable and require less maintenance, and they are not flammable. (Most building codes require that wood fireplace mantel shelves or any combustible material must be located at least 12" from the firebox. Local codes may vary, and the requirements apply not only to wood fireplace mantel shelves, but also to the corbels and other materials, so be sure to check.)

Vivian style fireplace mantel shelf

We have pictured several examples of mantel shelves, but we can also make other styles, including custom fireplace mantel shelves or reproductions of antique fireplace mantel shelves. Also, any of the shelves that you see on any of the fireplaces can also be used as a mantel shelf.

Kaylyn style fireplace mantel shelf